General FAQ

What do I need to do to play?

To play on a team or register individually, you are required to have a valid Metro East FA player card.  Your player card is valid for both the 8v8 and 11v11 leagues.  YOU DO NOT NEED SEPARATE CARDS FOR EACH LEAGUE.

Player cards cost $25 and are valid for 12 months from the beginning of the season in which you begin playing.  Please note: this is cheaper than the most popular local indoor facility and for players active throughout all our seasons, this is less than $0.50 per game.

Your player card keeps us affiliated with the US Soccer Federation (USSF), through the US Adult Soccer Association (USASA) & Illinois State Soccer Association (ISSA).  This helps us bring you the best league experiences with quality referees and fields.  Metro East FA does not see a penny of your fee, but it does help maintain insurance for the league, as well as providing supplemental medical insurance for you, if you should get hurt playing.

How does "Split Payment" team registration work?

To keep you from shouldering the entire cost of registering your team, we provide an option to register as your team with a deposit.  This allows you to manage your team privately, but each player will pay a portion of the league fee.  Due to the administrative work required the required payments per team will not equal the same amount as full payment upfront. Of note, there is a significant discount for teams making one upfront payment.

1)  At checkout, select the number of players you expect to pay.  This number does not limit the number of total rostered players you can have and you can still roster players that may or not be paying.  As a general tip, we recommend if you expect to have 16 paying players, set your payment number to 14.  People inevitably are unable to fully commit.  In this scenario we will not collect more payments than the initial number of payments indicated.

2) To initially register, you will put down a $150 deposit which will hold your place in the league. We then use the number of players indicated in Step 1 to setup a team specific payment link for you to share with your team so they can pay the league directly. As the team manager placing the initial deposit, you do not need to make an additional payment; your specific share of the team fee will be deducted from the deposit and the remainder of your deposit returned to you once all your teammates have paid.

3) 50% of the payments must be received prior to Week 1 of the season.  As the team manager, this is your responsibility.  The league will keep you apprised as to who has paid.

4) At the conclusion of Week 3 games, any remaining balance will be charged to your credit card minus your deposit.  If this balance cannot be settled, teams will be forced to forfeit future games until full payment is made.


I am a woman. Can I play?

Absolutely, yes.  The league does not have a specific coed division, however, it is considered female friendly. We have women playing in each 8v8 league division as well as in our 11v11 league. With enough interest, we could possibly offer a coed and/or women’s specific division in the future.

I'm Under 18. Can I play?

Unfortunately no. You must be 18 in order to register and play in the league.

I have a problem with a referee. Can I complain?

The short answer is yes you can.  The longer answer is make sure you have something valid to say.  Referees are not going to get every call perfect.  We do not have VAR.  This said, if there is a legitimate pattern of poor officiating, we DO want to hear from you and receive your feedback.  Please contact us.

What happens if I get a yellow or red card?

A yellow card will be issued in accordance with standard FIFA laws (e.g. for hard or professional fouls or continued abusive behavior/language toward opposing team members and/or the referee).  A second yellow card issued in the same game will result in a red card being issued, as well as a one game suspension.  Straight red cards will result in a minimum of a one game suspension.  All situations of issued red cards will be reviewed by the league for multi-game suspensions.  Individuals receiving multiple red cards in a single session will be subject to a TBD level of discipline including possible fine and permanent ban.

I don't live in Illinois, can I play?

Absolutely.  Most of our adult players and teams reside in St. Louis Metro East towns (O’Fallon, Belleville, Collinsville, Edwardsville, etc.) but we do have players from all around the St. Louis area that love to play outdoor soccer year round.

What affiliations do you have?

We are proud to be the only St. Louis Metro area league affiliated with Illinois State Soccer Association (ISSA), which is the state chapter of the United States Adult Soccer Association (USASA).  These are both affiliated associations of the US Soccer Federation (USSF). The league is NOT affiliated with any specific city run or operated department and is completely independent.

8 v 8 Specific FAQ

How are the different divisions set?

Competitive divisions are separated out as Division 1, Division 2, and Division 3; with Division 1 being the most competitive.  Team placement into specific divisions will be based both on previous league history, as well what is indicated at registration.  At registration, you will be asked to select your preferred division.  This is solely used by league administration to help determine league divisions and is not a guarantee of placement within a specific division; nor is it a guarantee that there will be multiple divisions.

What are the specific rules of competition?

Primarily FIFA laws apply.  However, sliding & slide tackling is specifically banned.  In addition, offsides will not be called.  It is worth noting that playing in an offsides position is not typically a good strategic move for your team due to the overall size of the fields.

You can view the specific league rules here: League Rules

How many players can I roster?

While you can play with as few as 6 players on the field, we recommend rostering at least 11 players to ensure you have enough people on game day.  You may officially roster up to 18 players, with 16 eligible to play in any specific game.  During the regular season, you may utilize up to 2 non-rostered guest players, assuming the guest players have a valid league player card, and you have a minimum of 6 regularly rostered players present.  Non-rostered players are not allowed to play with any team during playoffs.

What days are games played on? Where are the games played?

League games will be played on Sunday evenings starting hourly at 6pm or later.*  We try to avoid 10pm kickoff times, due to Sunday primarily being a work night for many players. Depending on weather cancellations, we reserve the right to reschedule games on another day of the week.  However, to date, this has never been implemented.  All league games are scheduled to be played at the O’Fallon Family Sports Park turf fields.  Games may be played at alternative local field turf fields due to unforeseen circumstances

*Winter Season is the exception to this, with games starting hourly between 2pm and 5pm, and starting at 12pm on Super Bowl Sunday.

How do I get placed on a team?

Individual registration is a great way for players that do not have an established team or do not know enough other players to establish a full team.  We maintain house teams full of individually registered players (or a small group of players).  At registration, if you have friends who are also registering at the same time, you can list their names to be placed on the same team with them.  Our house teams often evolve into their own independent teams in subsequent seasons as players meet other players.

How do playoffs work?

Playoffs are typically fully bracketed with a few minor caveats.  In order to ensure parity of play on the field, teams on the upper half of a table are typically placed into their own playoff bracket; while teams on the lower half of the table are typically placed into a separate playoff bracket.  On a season specific basis, the number of teams in a division will determine whether top seeds will have a first round bye.  Playoff weeks will typically include a possible double header of either the Quarterfinals/Semifinals or Semifinals/Championship.  We strive to ensure a team’s second game of a doubleheader is against another team also playing their second game, so there is no distinct “fresh legs” advantage.

11 v 11 Specific FAQ

What are the specific rules of competition?

FIFA laws apply, with the exceptions of substitution laws (see below).

How many substitutions are allowed in a game?

Players can substitute multiple times in a single game, as long as they are not deemed to be overly disruptive to the flow of the game.

What are the uniform requirements? Other gear?

All teams are required to have numbered jerseys and an associated game roster. Matching shorts/socks are not required, however, all other applicable FIFA equipment laws apply: shin guards required, jewelry removed, etc.

How many players can I roster?

A minimum of 15 players are required on a team.  We recommend rostering between 18-23 players to ensure you have the correct number of players on game day.  Up to 18 players can be eligible to be listed on the game-day roster.  You may have up to 3 guest players on your game-day roster, assuming the guest players have a valid player card, and you have a minimum of 9 regularly rostered players present.

What days are games played on? Where are the games played?

League games will be played on Friday evenings with kickoffs at either 6:30pm, 7:30pm, or 8:30pm.  Depending on weather cancellations, we reserve the right to reschedule games on another day of the week.  However, every attempt possible will be made to avoid that.  All league games are scheduled to be played at the O’Fallon Family Sports Park turf fields.  Games may be played at alternative local field turf fields due to unforeseen circumstances

How do I get placed on a team?

There are no planned ‘house teams’ for our 11v11 League.  However, we fully support individuals registering without an affiliated team.  We will work with all registered teams to help you find a good fit for your skill level.  Placement will only occur once you have registered.  We anticipate being able to place all individuals on teams, however, in the event that team placement does not occur, a full refund will be issued.